The Team

Stacked with talent to represent. With over fifteen years of combined experience in yo-yoing, the expertise we bring to the table in competitive yo-yo design is unmatched. (And we know how to make a pretty fun yo-yo)

Nathan Joseph

Founder & Head of Design

Nathan is a rising high school senior hailing from North East, Maryland. With more than 5 years of design experience, he takes our products from concept to reality.

Growing up on the water, Nathan is an avid sailor and swimmer. He also has strong passions for music, performing as a Bass 2 for the past two years in All-State choir. First picking up the yo-yo in 2016, he has been yo-yoing competitively for almost seven years, becoming a national finalist in 2022.

Alec Jones

Co-Founder & Head of Special Projects

Alec is a Recruiting Manager and father hailing from Metro Orlando. With a passion for customer service, project management, and marketing, he helps facilitate every every step of getting our products into your hands. 

He has been yo-yoing for over ten years and doing so competitively for more than eight. He credits his greatest accomplishment in yo-yoing as the time he beat Chandler Steele in technical execution in the preliminary round at the Illinois State Yo-Yo Contest. There’s a real case to be made that Alec was good for at least one-minute of his competitive career, based on that fact.

Our Partners

If you’re reading this right now, played one of our yo-yos, or otherwise consumed any of our content, these brands played a major role in the quality of those products and services. We’re all about credit where credit is due. Collaboration is the lifeblood of our company.